Meditation as Kind Focused Attention

  Meditation is the tool that brings us back to your innate selves. Here we cultivate our awakening back to our innate calm, wisdom and joy.  Here we can free ourselves from regret and plans, and expand this moment into one that we want to come back to. Again and again.

Inclusion as an Intention

  For me, inclusion is the opportunity to be welcomed and participate in all aspects of our community. That all people have the chance to choose what and where they engage, and are supported by their society and it’s systems to do so.

Consistently Serving Ourselves

  A big gush of gratitude, courage, faith and love. Consistency feels like a trickle of a creek that builds in time, into a river. The presence and impact of flow compounds and deepens. It takes on its own momentum and becomes a pleasure in the landscape of our heart, body and soul.

Carers as Custodians of Our Young Tribes Hearts

  I am passionate about working with parents are carers, of autistic kids, as they are the custodians of our young tribes hearts, resilience and optimism. Every word or acceptance, love and encouragement they receive; they will then be able to utter this to themselves in times of need.

Autism and Education Inclusion

People learn and feel their best when we are happy, relaxed and feel safe. To achieve this, both the individuals and institutions must mutually understand, respect and accommodate each others experiences, beliefs, values, goals and cultures. 

Autistic People and Employment

Not knowing about my autistic traits made work confusing and challenging.  Life was really fairly generally tricky and wobbly. Now I know so much more, and all is easier for I have a framework to understand myself and others, and bring the two outliers together. This has made my current life better, and my future work also.

Mindfulness. Befriending Shame and Vulnerability.

Using a mindfulness approach, I can now lean into the sharp feelings that I used to turn from. As I have befriended them, I have also befriended me. The Past Since I can remember I thought something was wrong with me, I lived in a world full of ‘too’s.’ Too quiet, too monotone, too meek, too emotional, too serious,

Love is Like a Garden

I wrote this for our wedding vows, as I knew that relationships changed and grew. I didn’t know this would also apply to my family and children.  Autism takes me on a wild ride, but as I know it more – I become the guide. The Garden The winter months of love, are like a chilly garden.

Life Before Autism. There Wasn’t One.

Life as a single woman with ASD was quieter, but family life offers a deeper softer place. Life Now and Then I’m not really sure how much of my parental stress is due to having 2 kids under 8, or that they are both autistic? Or it is all of this bumping into my own