Meditation as Kind Focused Attention


Meditation is the tool that brings us back to your innate selves.

Here we cultivate our awakening back to our innate calm, wisdom and joy.  Here we can free ourselves from regret and plans, and expand this moment into one that we want to come back to. Again and again.

Because we like to feel what feels good.  For there can love and light, and an kindly self acceptance that just feels so good.

Yet we can use this practice as another way to continue or fear, pain and shame.

Mediation can be used to create calm or build insight.  Here we can either attempt to create inner peace, or get to know and understand ourselves more, and both support each other.

Fo we have a dual nature, our human and divine self.  Our innate wisdom is not used to tell our human self off, but to be calm and kind when we are human, as we will be in this life.  For our mind will think and feelings will arise, here we can be gentle with what comes and choose what to do next.  So now, what next?

We can be caught or we can be free and we will be tangled and swayed by our thoughts, feelings and sensations.  Yet meditation can liberate us from the habitual or unconsidered responses, that keep us stuck to what does not nourish us.


Lovingly Placing Attention

Meditation is simply place your attention where to needs to be.

Don’t cling, berate or force.  Our mind is a playful, wilful and pleasure seeking kitten.  Attracted to shiny stuff that lets us feel good fast.

The hard stuff is boring, unsatisfactory and initially unrewarding.

But learning to re-direct our focus on shiny outer things, allows us to quieten our mind, and find the inner light of peace and joy.


Slaves to Our Reactions and Stories

Our lives as parents and carers offers great joy and possibly persistent challenges.  Maybe it is how we respond to our lives that can be worse, then what the events in our lives are.  Our mind recalls the pain that is gone and the fears of what may never be.

Something happens and we react with habitual thoughts and feelings.  Someone looks away and I think they are averting their eyes from me, not toward a new thought.  I am prime for rejection, and can find this wherever I go.  I take others personally, when my wise self says this is you and not them.

We can see worry as a means to predict and prepare for the future.  I know I have and do this still.  I catch myself floating into the worst and justify my disconnection to the present as being a good Mum.

But really I am just following the habit of hypervigilant worry.  Yet, planning is great – but only in dedicated planning moments.


Fearless Presence

It is takes fearless presence to be brave enough to catch self and whisper, ‘try another way.’  I now love being wrong and turning towards love.  I love it when I can bring light into dark, and faith into fear.

I love surrendering the need to be right, and focusing on understanding and connection.  For here I can let the light and knowing of my innate self shine, and guide me to what is for my and my families highest good.

I still have big feelings, but placing my attention where I want it to be, is gentle, helpful and kind.  I no longer berate the sadness, fear or stuck.  These are my human self, and I accept and support my humanity towards awakened ways of thinking, feeling and being.

Meditation can be sitting with the intention to calm or explore; or simply catching oneself in a moment of dark and breathing comfort in to involve the light.


Try this mediation.

Close your eyes.

Settle your body.

Focus on your breathe.

Notice your thoughts, feelings or body sensations.  All or one.

Notice your response.

Be kind.

Open your eyes.

There your meditation is done, and would you like to try more?  Click onthe below and get the Back to You Mindful meditation.  Its nice, easy and a gentle start.


Best & bless, Gabrielle. xo.

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