Consistently Serving Ourselves


A big gush of gratitude, courage, faith and love.

Consistency feels like a trickle of a creek that builds in time, into a river. The presence and impact of flow compounds and deepens. It takes on its own momentum and becomes a pleasure in the landscape of our heart, body and soul.

When we show up for ourselves and for our who we serve, we are honouring us and them.  We are affirming that our and their needs are the same.  An awakened soul who is seen, accepted, loved and treasured as we all want to be.

Meditate and move for your mind, body, heart & soul.  Consistently expand the flow of love and light into your life.  Raise your vibration to that of the divine, and see the divine come flowing into every cell, inspiration and event.

Persist with faith, for all love offered to self and other; gifts moments of joy and freedom to the all.

Everyday shine the light that all souls need, to be reminded that we are simply of big ball  of love, joy and bliss.

Radiate that knowing, in all dark and light spaces in your life heart and life.

Be consistent, build your joy and transform your life.

Face every fear, knowing that they are your greatest opportunity for growth and ultimate freedom.  Everyday love them, soothe them.  Then as you let them go, and thank them for guiding your spiritual path towards even greater love.

Thank yourself for being brave and facing down all that comes, and committing to keep  doing so.

In this and every breathe, you are alive, safe and capable.  You are the creator, do it well and enjoy every sparkly moment of love.

With deepest love and commitment.

Gabby. xo.


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