Carers as Custodians of Our Young Tribes Hearts


I am passionate about working with parents are carers, of autistic kids, as they are the custodians of our young tribes hearts, resilience and optimism.

Every word or acceptance, love and encouragement they receive; they will then be able to utter this to themselves in times of need.

As they are guided through their daily challenges, your love, care and guidance are preparing them for their life ahead.

Yet we love others better, when we love ourselves. We treat others better when are kind to ourselves, and we support others better when we support ourselves.

So the gifts you give to yourself of a calm mind, full heart and happy soul; you are modelling what life can be for your beautiful people.

The loving energy that you emit, will become the baseline for how they want to feel; and for the relationships they attract and pursue in their lives.


My Responsibility

I skill myself up to be the happiest and most capable person I can, for I want to offer as many loving and empowering thoughts and feelings as they can possibly absorb and then create for themselves.

I want my kids to be able to identify that a boundary has been crossed, or that something does not feel right.

I want them to be able to advocate for their needs and supports, and not apologise for who they are.

Every word and act of care I give to them, I want them to absorb and truly believe they are worthy of being treated with respect and thought.

I am doing this very perfectly imperfectly, and ah day I reach the limits of my own capacity and self love. But I challenge these not only for myself, but for them. So they expect to be able to create a life that is aligned to their needs and preferences, and will have the discernment to persevere or let go when needed.

See, accept, love and honour who you are. When they see this is action, they will also make it there’s.


Not Like Me

I grew up not knowing why I felt so different, wrong and broken.  I thought that something was terribly wrong with me.  Now that I know I am autistic, I have transformed how I feel about myself, my kids and my tribe.

I feel I am getting to know us all, and the oe I know the more I love.  Our sensitivity tolerance, diversity, loyalty and  enthusiasm can all teach the world about the joys of living and loving deeply in the moment.

As I play with my kids, thy teach my inner child to love, learn and shine.  They teach her that she is alive, free and anything is possible.

Not only can we impart great love and care on our brood, but if we let them; they will teach us the wonder of this minute and the joy of a relishing and engrossed mind can bring.

That a passion followed is a pleasure to be shared.  When we connect and engage with their interests, we are showing them they are worthwhile.  We are growing their hearts to collaborate and communicate, and in this place – words are never needed.

We are the keepers of their hearts until they can grow and protect it themselves, your love with be their greatest asset and joy.


Best & bless always, Gabby. xo.



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