Love is Like a Garden

I wrote this for our wedding vows, as I knew that relationships changed and grew. I didn’t know this would also apply to my family and children.  Autism takes me on a wild ride, but as I know it more – I become the guide.

The Garden

The winter months of love, are like a chilly garden.
Harsh and bitter.
Bare. Dull and looking within.
The roots search for new nourishment,
underground and unseen.
Trying to get us through the cold.
We must look at what is,
to cull what isn’t needed.
To nurture only what will save us.

In spring,
we astound at the colour,
the fragrance and vigorous growth.
We never thought we’d ever see it again.
We’d forgotten how good it was.
The fresh shoots grow up toward the sun.
We delight, we have new faith.
We forgive the cold, for we are reminded that it will come and go again.

In summer we dance, play and revel.
It is warm and we laze in the ease of the steady comfort.
We relax into the rest and the knowing that all is well.
The breeze is gentle and stirs the leaves to keep shading us.
We cool off when too hot, and enjoy that change is possible.
This will last forever, as we soak the heat deep, into our heart and bones.

In Autumn we let go of what has fallen.
What will come will go, then renew and return.
It’s okay, this eternal cycle.
The still and building,
the growth and expanding,
the changing and letting go,
the familiar and enduring.
We are okay, for when we change we grow.

We are connected by what’s been,
and what will be.
But mostly, by what is.
As, there’s always a bench in our garden,
to sit and admire your unique cycle of love.
Of what we have lived through and created together.
It is our path.
We are the sun, the wind, the earth and the water.
But mostly, we are the love that entwines these together.
That creates our own path of love.

Light and blessings.
Gabrielle. xo.

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